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Fairy Interesting: OUAT "We Are Both"

Once Upon a Time 2.02 "We Are Both"

So tonight Snow and Emma spend the entire episode in Alterna-Fairy World with only a brief appearance at the end.

The majority of the episode takes place in Storybrooke where David Charming tries to hunt down the Mad Hatter (squee! Here's hoping we get more of Jefferson soon!) and figure out how to protect the town from Regina's wiles and Regina learns how to use her magic and kidnaps Henry. Again. Meanwhile the characters learn that the border spell is still in place and it's even worse - if they leave town they forget their Fairy World pass. And it looks like it's forever. During which Grumpy Leroy snags best snark of the episode when asked if memories come back after coming back into town: "If it did, would I have come running in here screaming, 'terrible news'?"

And in Flashback Fairy World we get another glimpse into Regina's past, her connection to Rumplestiltskin, and her descent into magic madness.

I enjoyed this episode more than last week and it's nice to see the characters settling into their new roles as "both" who they were in Fairy World and in Storybrooke.

In Season 1 I was a very big non fan of David. I wanted to shake and slap him most episodes. And while I liked Charming, I love David Charming even more. His inspirational speech at the border was probably one of the highlights of his character for me.

And who is Dr. Whale? Not from Charming's kingdom - but who? Other than the evil uncle from Vampire Diaries of course ;) I hope we get his back story soon.

I am just astounded at some of the casting (which is why it bothers me SO much when they screw it up). Young Snow literally looks like Mary Margaret as a child. I do not know where they found her, but her face is perfect and even her voice and mannerisms are amazingly similar.

And for the first time I was struck by the similarity in looks between Regina and Cora - particularly in the scene where Cora is sleeping and Regina steals the book. Plus, I love the way they make Regina look so much younger in her flashbacks. The costuming and makeup is brilliant.

Best line of the night goes to Regina: "I will not take parenting advice from a man who put his daughter in a box and shipped her to Maine!" But I have to say that it cracks me up to hear Henry calling Charming "Gramps" :) Not gonna lie, every time he did I snorted a little.

On a completely unrelated note, I am loving Ruby this season so far! And I love the play with the Snow White/Rose Red from the Grimm's fairy tales.

On another unrelated note - I wonder how Rumplestiltskin feels about wearing so much body glitter :P

There are so many ways the deal David just made with Gold could go wrong. For example, if they had this "non-interference" policy in the last episode David technically couldn't have helped fight off the wraith. After all, that was Gold's business, right? Oh brother.

I'm really beginning to wonder what Regina needs Henry for - it seems like it has to be more than simply the fact that he's her "son" or that she wants to hurt Emma or Charming and Snow. The fact that he is the son of the "savior" - does that imbue him with some sort of magic or power? Her obsession is too excessive. The ending makes it seem like Regina does actually love him and I think in some ways she does, but I really think there is something larger going on there. The whole "want to redeem myself" is simply too pat - too easy.

When Cora got sucked into the mirror I began to wonder if she became the magic mirror. I'm not sure what I think about the twist at the end yet as I actually expected Cora to pop up out in the real world outside of Storybrooke. And speaking of the real world, I am still super confused about the opening scene of the season and I really want them to address that soon. Otherwise it's going to make me annoyed all season.

My Dad made the suggestion that the book of magic that Regina can't bring herself to burn is what is keeping them all in Storybrooke. It seems almost too easy, but it could very well be true.

How much do I love the dwarves setting off to dig up fairy dust!? But all I could think in that moment is WAIT! Does this mean that Grumpy and the fairy can be together now! I need this to happen!! Please!

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Yes to Grumpy and the Fairy! And yes to more of Ruby!