Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Laydown Lowdown

This year is flying by!  Here we are in the first week of October already.  Fortunately, there are a lot of great books here to keep you occupied on these crisp fall nights.  

Fans of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire," may want to check out Dennis Lehane's latest crime thriller, "Live by Night," which follows a fledgling mobster in the Prohibition era.  Other new releases in Mystery/Thriller today include "Postcards from the Dead," by Laura Childs, "Phantom," by Jo Nesbo, and "Mad River," by John Sanford.
 Shuttle over to Sci-Fi/Fantasy and you'll see "Between Two Fires," by Christopher Buehlman, "Daniel Ironstone and the Legend of EraLeon," by Roderick Farmer, "Three Parts Dead," by Max Gladstone, and "The Lost Stars: Tarnished Knight," by Jack Campbell. 

If you yearn for Young Adult, there is plenty to check out today.  Best-selling author Lois Lowry, concludes "The Giver" trilogy with "Son."  "Tahereh Mafi releases the e-novella, "Destroy Me," to tide fans over until the 2013 release of "Unravel Me."  Other new releases include "Between the Sea and Sky," by Jaclyn Dolamore, and "Eve and Adam," by Katherine Applegate.

Romance might retaliate this week as there is only one new release this week, Christine Feehan's latest entry in the "Dark" series, "Dark Storm."

There are some new interesting looking autobiographies this week and coincidentally they all have religious elements.  The lead singer of Creed, talks about success, addiction, fame, and how his faith in God helped him through it all in his memoir "Sinner's Creed," meanwhile Jenny McCarthy explains how she went from a child who aspired to be a nun to Playmate of the Year in her memoir, "Bad Habits: Confessions of  a Recovering Catholic,"  and Rhoda Janzen follows up her memoir, "Mennonite in a Little Black Dress," with "Does This Church Make Me Look Fat?"

Which of these books will make your reading list?  Please share with us.  Happy Reading everyone!  Remember to support your local bookstores whenever possible. 

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Anonymous said...

I read (ryhmes with "led") "Live By Night"; enjoyed it. Did not know if the title was "live" (ryhmes with "give") or "live" (ryhmes with "jive") and it bothered me every time I picked the book up!