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Fairy Interesting: OUAT "Child of the Moon"

2.7 "Child of the Moon"

Tonight in Storybrooke Ruby has to confront the first full moon since the curse has broken. Her magic red suppressant cloak is missing and she's terrified of killing someone else she loves. After she breaks out of the makeshift freezer cell and her new romantic interest shows up brutally murdered, she fears the worst. David Charming continues to grow on me moving from one of my least favorite characters last season to one of my favorites, and we get another glimpse of Belle, surrounded by her books. Henry's nightmares are getting worse, so Mr. Gold gives him a magic necklace free of charge and Regina is actually acting like a good mother figure.

In flashback Fairy World Red finds that Granny lied to her when she discovers a pack of werewolves led by her ... mother. But when she's forced to choose between her mother and Snow, Red has a difficult choice to make.

And in the tiniest glimpse of Alterna Fairy World Aurora sees Henry in her fiery nightmare as he puts out the flames with the magic necklace.

Now that I'm getting used to the new format I'm handling the focus on one story line at a time a lot better. I also think that the writers are beginning to handle the juggling a lot better as well.

First can I just say that Gus/Billy was the cutest thing of ever, though I wish he'd been a little pudgier, like the mouse. And Ruby's total skittishness was so sad as you could just see her fear and pain of losing another "Peter" in her eyes. And of course, then it happens. It was incredibly cruel of the writers to kill off Gus-Gus so quickly! So not nice.

(Sidenote: Peter and the wolf? I know people pointed this out last season, but still HAHAHA)

I love the Snow White/Rose Red angle that they play with this as well - a little subtler fairy tale humor (and completely un-Disney related :)

When Snow stopped to look at her wanted poster all I could think was Eugene from Tangled because that really didn't look anything like her!

I wasn't really sure why Red took off her cloak to wash her face. It felt a little bit like a plot pusher, but you know. Also, Quinn was a total jerk face. I was definitely not upset when he died. Ahem.

Wasn't surprised to find out that the pack leader was Red's mother, but I didn't really buy her story that Granny just stole Red. She's had all this time, but she waits until now to get Red's attention? I felt something not quite right with her explanation.

And was it just me, or did it seem WAY too easy to kill a werewolf. Maybe I'm just tainted by other werewolfy stuff I've read and seen, but a simple arrow to the chest? Shouldn't it have been more complicated?

I also wasn't really surprised when she wanted Red to turn on Snow. However, the anti-human sentiment was nicely played all the way around. I loved that last scene with Snow and Red where Red realizes that she has to be "both" the wolf and the human (which plays in nicely with the fairy tale/modern dichotomy as well) and the look of pure joy on Ruby's face when she hands David the cloak was wonderful.

Speaking of David. He is absolutely adorable, especially in his dealings with Henry. And I find it interesting that he trusts Regina enough with Henry's welfare to call her when he needs to leave.

I think I'm just having a hard time seeing her as anything but pure evil after the complete villainization the writers did with her character last season. I know we got some glimpses of who she used to be, but honestly, the change in her has been a little too drastic a little too quickly for me to really buy it. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

But back to David - his handling of Ruby was so sweet and he plays the earnest sweetness of "Prince Charming" so believably. It could come off as a little too much, but he pulls it off perfectly. He's also got a great strength as well. He's got the backbone he never really had when he was David and even when he was Charming. Widmore--I mean Spencer has no idea who he's dealing with now.

In his plain clothes I still totally think Widmore. So much so that I couldn't even remember the king's real name. I was thinking King Charles, but then I realized that's Widmore again. So King George is totally skeevy. And way out of control. When he was rallying that mob I was like, what are you? Gaston going after the beast? Really?

I really suspected Spencer/King George from the beginning, but not in any conscious way. But I knew where it was going as soon as they got to the car. Definitely a long way to go to set up the sherriff. His rage seems a little blown out of proportion, but I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something from last season.

So if he burned the hat, doesn't that mean Jefferson needs to start from scratch? I totally believe he could do it, especially now that he has Grace back! (of course, I just want him back on the tv please)

I wonder if there's some sort of spell around Henry to make everyone be totally nice to him. I would love to think that Mr. Gold is doing this out of the goodness of his heart, but somehow I feel like something's off. I'm not usually so cynical when it comes to people's motives! Of course, if the necklace and the dreams are the key to opening up new portals, then Gold could be using Henry to figure out a way to open a portal so he can go back to whatever he was doing before (when Jefferson was collecting portal makers for him). I definitely feel like he has a much bigger endgame in sight and I'm excited to see where it all leads.

I can't believe we have to wait 2 whole weeks! Gah!

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