Thursday, November 1, 2012

What Wombly Found in the Mail Today

Today Wombly and I went to our post office and guess what? We had a package! It was from Rebecca T. and guess what was inside?

This may be a dramatized version of what really occurred

Wombly is trying to guess what it might be!
Also: I loved that not only was the packaging recycled, it was from Canada.
Yay for Canada!

Adorable books! Wombly immediately wanted to read them.

The books are called Found You, Little Wombat! and Where To, Little Wombat? by Charles Fuge and Angela McAllister. They were originally published in Britain by Gullane Books (they look like they have some adorable picture books, so go check them out!) and have been printed by Sandy Creek Press, an imprint of Sterling Publishing, here in America. There appears to be a whole series of these Wombat Books and it makes me extraordinarily happy. Wombly is quite delighted that little children are finding out more about wombats.

The first book, Found You, Little Wombat! is about Little Wombat. He's playing hide and seek with his friends and gets distracted by flowers, when... Oh No! It starts rainy and Little Wombat realizes he is far from home and his friends aren't anywhere nearby. He hunkers down and uses a mushroom as an umbrella. Will he be okay? Will his mother find him? Will he splash in giant puddles of water?

In the second book, Where To, Little Wombat?, Little Wombat's mother is cleaning out the burrow and Little Wombat is bored. He wants to live somewhere new and exciting. He wanders off to find a new place to live. Will he be successful? You'd have to read it to find out!

So, go forth my Down Unders! Read these brightly illustrated accounts of Little Wombat. 

Barnes and Noble (where my versions of the books were purchased. Woo!)
Indie Bookstore Near You!


Jenn N. said...

This post made my day. I have been miserable and this made me smile.

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Rebecca T. said...

Yeah! So glad Wombly loved the books! I love that kids can read about wombats too!