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Fairy Interesting: OUAT "Tallahassee"

2.6 "Tallahassee"

Tonight in Alterna-Fairy World Emma climbs the beanstalk with Hook and conquers the BFG with kindness. (That's the Big Friendly Giant to those of you unfamiliar with Roald Dahl parlance) Meanwhile Snow and Aurora bond over shared experiences with sleep curses and Mulan needs to get a personality.

In flashbacks we finally learn who Henry's father is and it doesn't look like he's anyone fairy tale related ... right? We also run into August - or rather he runs into Neal - who has something in a box that convinces Neal in one glance to abandon Emma to her grand destiny.

And we only get one tiny little glimpse of Storybrooke when Henry wakes up with a terrifying nightmare from his own sleep curse side effects.

I was so very excited to get a little more of Emma's past. And after Neal's discussion with August I would love to see some of her childhood. Please please.

Her glasses were adorable and I lauged out loud that she stole a car with someone in it, not to mention a car that was already stolen. Neal and Emma had great chemistry. We only see a few glimpses of them, but I bought their romance completely. Thought it was really well written and acted. Their humor was refreshing, especially since Emma tends to be so serious. Though knowing how he "abandoned" her it's easy to see why she holds everyone at an arm's length.

(side note: Apollo bars? Classic!)

Speaking of chemistry, how much did I love the scenes with Hook this week?! He is rather ... shall we say, palatable ;) and even when I don't trust him I love him. Though remembering that his true love was Rumplestiltskin's wife (when he knew she was married) made me considerably less sympathetic for him in his moment of vulnerability.
How much do I love the fact that
someone did this already?!

(side note: Does Hook wear guyliner like Captain Jack? Or is he related to Richard :)

Also. Portal beans? sweet. I also liked the ambiguity over who was at fault in the giant/Jack war. I adore Jorge. I really do, but I don't know if I was digging him as the giant. Though I guess his cuddliness added to the uncertainty about who really was the bad guy in the situation.

However, the CGI throughout the giant/Emma scenes was really atrocious.


I don't seem to be the only one, but I am still really not liking Aurora. Even when we're supposed to feel sorry for her with the nightmares and the fact that she lost her true love so he can't light the candle and sit with her through her terrors I simply couldn't like her.

I'm rather eh about Mulan. I would like to see them not as add ons or back drops to other people's stories or see them just go home.

And I loved the thread of keeping nightmares away with the candle, the sharing of dreams, and the dreamcatcher in Emma's past.

Gah! August! I squealed all over the place and then had to explain who he was to Mom and Dad. Honestly, though. There are so many characters and some of them we don't see for so long that it's getting hard to keep track of some of them.

And I had to snrk over August's statement about running into temptation. So did he turn into a donkey?


What was in the box? Maybe it was the combination of Jorge, Apollo bars, and guyliner, but all I could think as they were looking down into the box so we couldn't see was: It's John Locke's body!

But I really do want to know what it was and I can't think of anything it could be at the moment. Any thoughts?

Oh! I almost forgot! Even though I saw it coming, I was still rather creeped out by the fact that Henry, Aurora, and Snow have all had the same dream. Did Aurora and Henry see each other? What's with the red room and curtains? David definitely recognized the description. I'm assuming that's from Snow, but you never know.

Looking forward to next week's episode. I've been loving Ruby this season and I'm excited to see a Ruby-centric episode.

I'm going to take a moment to give a shout out to one of my favorite tv blogs. I followed Nikki Stafford's blog all through the last two seasons of Lost and through part of the grand Buffy rewatch and she posts on Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead now - I definitely have a greater appreciation for all the work she put(s) into posting so quickly after the show! And if you want to see another opinion you should totally go check her blog out too :)

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