Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fairy Interesting: OUAT "Into the Deep"

2.8 "Into the Deep"

Tonight in Alterna-fairy world Aurora grows a backbone and proves herself useful. When she's kidnapped Mulan proves herself to be just as annoying as ever, Snow has to re-enter the netherworld, and Emma has her turn to be the strong one full of faith that they can get home. Cora continues to show that the tree is a very short distance from its apple (okay, so that didn't really work, but go with it). She pulls all kinds of trickery we're used to seeing from Regina including the magic heart trick and raises an army of ... zombies? And of course, Hook keeps us guessing as usual.

Meanwhile in Storybrooke Henry is determined to become a hero, but when his first attempt fails David and Regina refuse to let him go back into the red room of flame. Working with Mr. Gold, David comes up with what might be one of the most ridiculous plots to date and puts himself into a sleeping curse with the hopes to reunite with Snow, give her the information to get back home, and hopefully receive the kiss of true love that will wake him back up again. Because that's not a plan with any holes in it. Regina continues her morph into mother of the year and we might actually be buying it this time.

Can I just say that I loved Cora's costuming this episode? That sparkly dress was pretty sweet and the parasol in the middle of the night? Perfect.

The Zombie army was over the top. My Dad called it like two episodes ago and Mom and I laughed him off. Guess who's laughing now. I'm just glad they figured in as little as they did.

Did anyone else notice that Snow was holding her side strangely in that first scene? I kept waiting for her to collapse with appendicitis or something.

It figures that I actually start to really enjoy Aurora as a character and then that has to go and happen. How much did I want to strangle Hook in that last scene. I can't even. Though, up until that point I was greatly enjoying his snarkery and palatable good looks.

However, I still want to smack Mulan into the next alternative reality. Why couldn't it have been her heart that got ripped out of her chest so it could be crushed to dust? Can someone feed her to a shark or something?

My big question is about that netherworld. Who or what is controlling it? The flames seemed to be controlled by some sort of malevolent force. The burns got worse the more Aurora and Henry tried to talk to each other. I know that the whirlwind was from Mulan waking Aurora up, but I am curious as to whether we will ever get any more information about what exactly the netherworld is. Rumple makes a bit of a big deal about it when he gives Henry the necklace in "Child of the Moon" - how it is very real and a place caught between life and death. It seems significant.

As an aside - when David Charming makes his speech about finding his wife I was like snap, but he's a very ... nice looking man. I swear his character gets better with every episode.

Having said that, I think his plan was one of the most idiotic things ever. I understand wanting to protect Henry, but for real? Intentionally putting yourself under a sleeping curse? No. Just plain stupid.

Especially once Gold explains that they have no way of knowing if he can find his way into the room or not. What if Charming hadn't been successful? They would never have known it and eventually Henry would have had to go back under himself, only this time without the pendant or his grandfather's support.

Also, they look super weird in the netherworld. Especially Charming.

Regina's moment with Henry was sweet. Combined with the scenes from last episode I'm starting to warm up to her. I still think that the transition was a little too sudden and I don't know as I will ever be able to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop, but we'll see :)

Ah! Next week is the winter finale and it looks so good!

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