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Fairy Interesting: OUAT - Witch Hunt

3.13 "Witch Hunt"

Tonight Emma and Regina team up to solve the mystery of who enacted the curse, Little John devolves, but adds wings, and Henry is still clueless while the wicked witch of the west offers to be Snow White's midwife. Meanwhile, in flashbacks we discover the connection between Regina and the new big bad and Robin Hood and Regina flirt outrageously. Plus, in a welcome reveal, everyone's favorite crazy man isn't so dead after all.

The theme for the second half of the season was succinctly summed up by Robin Hood when he told Regina "We all get a second chance, Regina. You just have to open your eyes to see it." We've seen this idea before, but it is coming out really strongly now with Regina's chance to do right, Emma's opportunity to be the savior again, Regina's second chance with Henry, Hook's chance to try to build something with Emma (though the look on his face when she asked about Neal was so heartrending), and even Rumple's second life, whatever form that takes.

I'm not sure what I think about the whole wicked witch story line. We needed another big bad, that's for sure. Regina has completely lost her cred in that department. When she and Emma pulled the con in the meeting I was rolling my eyes so hard I'm pretty sure I sprained something, so I was really glad that she was just acting. I know I said before that I like her better evil, but as I started to see with the first part of the season, I think she's found her groove in being conniving and manipulative with a purpose other than revenge. Which is why I'm disappointed that she's all steely determined at the end of the flashback. Fortunately it's the flashback, so we'll get to see more of the good/conniving Regina in Storeybrooke.

I never thought I would feel so much for Regina as I did when she sees Henry and he doesn't know her. The look on her face was played absolutely perfectly and I could just feel her heart breaking. (on a side note, that houndstooth suit Regina was wearing in Storeybrooke was amazing and I totally want one like it).

On a happier note, Robin Hood's son Roland is absolutely adorable and it was a great moment seeing Regina protect him. I loved the weird banter/talk/flirt/stuff that was going on between Robin and Regina as they made their way into the castle and I really hope they continue to build something with that.

As for the revelation about the connection between the two wickeds I saw it coming pretty much as soon as Regina said it was a blood curse that had been overridden. That became pretty obvious. I am a little curious as to Zelena's back story, but I'm afraid we won't get any more than what we got tonight. And I'm also afraid that we will. Of course, what we find out fits well with the dysfunctional family drama/revenge motif - Zelena was abandoned by her mother, yadda yadda, now she wants to destroy someone. I have to say I'm finding this line a bit overused. As in wasn't there any other motive she could possibly have had?!

There were also some hilarious lines - all within a fairly short space of time.
I love how crazy they find the idea of flying monkeys. When Neal said, "Okay, you're acting like that's normal," all I could think was, yes, flying monkeys are hard to believe after everything else you've gone through in your life.

Other winning lines:
Grumpy: "One you drop a house on, one you throw a bucket of water on."

Regina: I don't care if the lollipop guild is protecting her." This one made me actually laugh out loud.

On another side note Zelena's eyes in Storeybrooke look so green I have to wonder if they're fake, but Charming's eyes are outrageously blue, so I could potentially buy that they're not.Are her eyes really that green? Because they look kind of fake, but Charming's are so ridiculously blue I could believe they were actually that green.

And what's with the flying monkey bites. What, is it like a werewolf?! Which brings me to the only line I've ever liked coming out of Dr. Whale's mouth: "I'm a doctor, not a vet." Very nice Star Trek nod there.

There must be a way to reverse the process because I can't imagine we would have permanently lost so many people. Especially if Neal was taken. But I have a feeling something else is going on with Neal. Having him missing is good for the Emma storyline, but I have a suspicion he's going to come into play with Zelena's resurrection of Rumple.

And can we talk about that for a moment. First can I just say how overwhelmed with joy I was to see Rumple in Zelena's little tornado cellar. Second can I just say how ridiculous it is that Zelena has basically Dorothy Gale's house. Third can I just say that I was pretty certain after last week's episode that we hadn't seen the end of Rumple and I am very glad to be proven right. But he's definitely more unhinged than normal and Zelena obviously has some sort of nefarious purpose in mind considering that she brought him back from the dead or whatever.

I'm continuing to enjoy the new flashback set up, but I'm also hoping they don't drag things out too far. Today virtually nothing happened in the flashback except Regina moping. Here's hoping they make better use of that missing year in future episodes.

All in all an interesting episode that was mostly exposition to reveal things that will hopefully pay off in future episodes in a bigger way. What did you think? Were you as eye-rolly as me at the sisterly reveal? Are you upset over Rumple's return? Shipping Robin Hood/Regina or totally against it? And do you think Henry should get his memory back soon? Do tell!

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