Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Wombly-Eyed View

Troll's-Eye View

Book Details:

  • Compiled by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
  • Written by Such Authors as Garth Nix, Jane Yolen, and Nancy Farmer
  • Published by Viking Penguin
  • Cover Illustration by Esao Andrews (be aware some of his work may not be Down Under friendly)

Important Things to Know:
  • This is a collection of stories for middle grade readers, probably in the age range of 8-12
  • There are some darker themes in the book, so be aware if you or your child/niece/friend/alien spawn is uncomfortable with slightly darker stories

What Wombly and I Thought About This Book:

  • Wombly and I agreed that we neither loved nor hated this book.
  • Why we didn't love it: honestly, it was forgettable. It's been a little while since I read this book (I read it beginning of winter) and there is nothing about the book that I found memorable.
  • Some of the stories were okay, some were pretty good, but I think that many of the stories were sub-par. I know it can be difficult to write for Down Unders, and I know short stories (for novel writers) can be tough, but honestly? I was expecting more and so was Wombly.
  • However, I don't regret reading the book. I did give it four stars on Goodreads, which means that it gave a powerful first impression.
  • For readers interested in fairy tales and villains Wombly and I recommend giving this book a try. Let us know what You thought about it.

Wombly and I Read This Book Because:

  • I've been trying to read more short stories and short story collections. I was at my college library and Wombly pointed out this book to me, so I decided we could give it a try.
  • Also: this was a re-telling of fairy tales from the villains perspective. I love switching up character perspectives and I love fairy tale retellings.

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