Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sundays with Neubie the Truebie

Well Truebies, here we are already-Season Finale night.  The fate of nearly every character is seemingly up in the air after last week's penultimate season 5 episode.

Sookie, Jason and the fae concocted a plan to attack Russell before he had the chance to attack them.  Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned.  Jason played up his gullible, clueless nature and accidently on purpose led Russell and Steve right to the faerie club. The fae elder proved that she wasn't all that smart or tough when she left the faerie fortress to take on Russell and was eaten within minutes.  Once he was full of fae blood, Russell could see into the mystical fae fortress and was prepared to launch himself on them.

Meanwhile Jessica tries to rationalize with Bill but realized he drunk waaaaay too much of the Kool Aid and tried to manipulate him.  She told him that she wants to give the greatest gift of all and turn Jason into a vampire.  Bill sees right through her escape plan and then actually orders her to leave the compound and turn Jason within 24 hours.  He even sent guards with her to make sure the job was done.  Jason was a busy man last week as he concocted a plan with Jess to fool the guards into thinking she'd turned him.  When Jess jumped in the grave with a dead looking Jason, the guards went to bury them and Jason sprung up and shot them.  Jess then ran to Fangtasia where Pam was reluctant to help her until Jess offered up information on Eric's whereabouts.  Pam then agreed to hide Jess while worrying that the Authority would come to punish Tara for murdering their Sheriff.  Sure enough, Rosalyn, who was revealed to be the Sheriff's maker showed up to arrest the murderer who she sniffed out to be Tara.  However, Pam confessed either because she felt compassion for Tara or because she hoped to get closer to Eric.  Rosalyn also discovered Jessica and shipped her right back to her daddy to be punished for running off.  Bill was furious at Jessica for not following his orders and slapped her literally across the room for her defiance.

Unfortunately, Pam won't find Eric at The Authority as he and Nora escaped.  Eric finally got Nora to believe that humans aren't merely food and the two are trying to plan an assault on The Authority.

Elsewhere in The Authority compound Luna and Sam searched for Emma.  They found other shifters being held captive and were ultimately discovered by Authority henchmen.  Sam sacrificed himself to Russell in what is seemingly an attempt to get close to him and in turn, Emma.

Back at Merlotte's, Andy had his fans full when Mari the faerie showed up and told him he was the father of her baby.  Andy tried to deny it but then Mari started going on and on about how Andy entered into a "light pact," and was bound to care for her and their fae offspring.  Andy tried to explain that he involved with Holly but Mari doesn't care and alluded to some kind of vengeance for Andy's failure to comply.  See what I mean?  Faeries are bad news!

Over in Missippi, Alcide tried to convince his father to stop drinking and gambling his life away.  A neighbor warned the Herveaux's about wayward, unsupervised baby vamps creating havoc throughout the area.  Alcide is ready to go out and look for them but Jackson isn't interested.  However, it seemed Alcide's lectures sunk in as when the baby vamps showed up, Jackson leapt in to fight.

So, what do you think will happen tonight?  Will be rescued from The Authority's mind control before it's too late?  And after tonight, what the heck are we going to do until next Summer?!!

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ceegee said...

NOOOO!! It can't be the FINALE!! okay I don't think anything will be solved.. I think we will end the show wondering who is dead and who is alive (or who was turned) and we won't know till next year.. Bill will ultimately come back to us but not this season...tell me another good show to get into. I don't watch much...