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Fairy Interesting - OUAT "Second Star to the Right"

2.21 "Second Star to the Right"

Tonight we see a bit of Baelfire's back story, which makes this whole thing even more convoluted than ever. Peter Pan turns out to be an evil imp, and we understand why Bae isn't dead.

In Storybrooke Emma is the only one who can see the truth about Tamara's evil plot, Snow and David Charming run around in adorable coordinating outfits and everyone has to try to save Regina. Again. Meanwhile Bellacey has a seriously bad hair day and gets all smoochy over Rumple's magic powers.

I thought this was an amazing episode. I am very anxious over where the season finale is going to go and I am more than a tiny bit mad over the ending, but I'll get to that in a minute.

How sweet was it when Mrs. Darling
said he could stay?!
The casting for young Bae was well done, as most of their casting has been. I say most because I really cannot forgive them for Pinocchio/August. Ever.

I mean really -
how creepy was this Pan!
I wasn't really sure where the flashback was going and at first wondered if Bae was going to be Peter Pan. However, the disembodied, glowy-eyed shadow Pan was way creepier and I love the dark twist of it being called Never Land because no one could ever leave. It was pretty obvious once the story of the shadow was introduced that Bae was going to step in to save the family and be taken away. However, I wasn't expecting for him to end up on the Jolly Roger. Which means that he ends up working with the sworn enemy of his father.... Seriously, there are way too many connections in this thing!

On a side note, I still love the decor in Regina's office.

"You killed my father
prepare to die..."
I kind of felt like there was a larger thing going on, but I wasn't expecting Tamara and Greg to be part of this giant clandestine operation like that. Though it makes sense. My question is that if magic is supposed to be evil and something that needs to be destroyed in our world, then why are they collecting things and sending them back to the "Home Office." And it seems like it would be a pretty big breach of this ideal to create a freaking portal.

Seriously. What was with her hair?
I was so sad when Regina revealed that she had killed Greg's father though. She is just so cold and evil - just the way the evil queen should be.

As for the Bellacey/ Rumple story line ... I'm still on the fence. I definitely think that the relationship needed something, but Lacey was really getting on my nerves in this episode. But I do love the twist that it could be Belle who ends up pushing Rumple into killing - or attempting to kill - Henry.

About half way through the episode I noted the following to myself: Neal and Emma are so cute too. I want it to work out. Which means horrible things will happen.

*sigh* I really wish I hadn't been right about that one. For real? Shoot Bae AND send him through the portal? AS THEY ARE CONFESSING THEIR UNDYING LOVE *sobs*

I can't even handle this. And if they don't get back to him in some way I will have to hurt someone. First Graham, now Neal?! EMMA DESERVES A HAPPY ENDING TOO. Or at least to have one good thing not ripped away from her.

And it's a testament to the actors that David can look so very fatherly toward Emma as he comforted her on the steps. Because they are all practically the same age it should be a lot weirder to have Snow and David being parental, but it totally works.

I seriously can't wait for next week's episode and I'm so sad that it's the finale! Thanks for everyone who's tagged along this season. I'd love to hear what you thought about this episode!

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