Sunday, March 8, 2015

Downton Abbey 5.9 Finale Recap

 The end is here! What are we going to do for a year while we wait for the next installment in our favorite historical house? The season 5 finale was a good one. Let's dive in and talk about everything that happened this week!

Jenn N: So should we start with the highlight of the finale? Carson and Mrs Hughes' sudden but endearing engagement! I just about melted when Carson said he couldn't imagine life without her.

Rebecca T: I found it odd how pushy Carson was being about buying the cottage/bed & breakfast, but I really didn't expect that proposal! It was so sweet to find out about the way Mrs. Hughes has been taking care of her sister all these years. Mr. Carson crying completely made me believe in this story line.

Jenn N: Despite being treated  poorly by Lord Sinderby, Rose really saved the day for him by sparing him the embarrassment of his illegitimate child being revealed in front of society. I know in real life that our Rose is hoping that Cinderella  launches her movie career. While I wish nothing but success for her, I hope we can get her back at Downtown for an appearance now and then.

Rebecca T: I love Rose and Atticus and I hope we do get to see more of them. I was thinking that at least Lady Sinderby was trying to make peace and smooth things over as much as she could, but Lord Sinderby is totally on Rose's side now. Oh yes, having an illegitimate son is probably on par with having a divorce. And I loved Robert's comment that Rose would love Lord Sinderby forever, if he would let her. It's so true. But Thomas seems to be back to his old tricks again. I hope some of his good humor sticks around.

Jenn N: I'm hoping next season brings happiness for Edith. Maybe a relationship will bloom between her and the young man she met on the  hunting trip.

Rebecca T: I definitely saw a spark between Edith and the agent. And considering how the family has come to accept Tom, I don't think they would balk too much for her to marry someone below her station. I do think that if Edith could just claim her motherhood she wouldn't be quite so dithered over it I think. I loved Robert's talk with her and his acceptance of Marigold. It's so nice seeing Edith happy for once. I loved the way Robert got around telling people that Marigold is Edith's daughter while still allowing her to behave as a granddaughter - asking Sybbie what Marigold should call him. People will accept it on a holiday from a cute little girl who is about to move better than if they just started having Marigold call him Donk. And Donk is the cutest name for grandfather ever.

Jenn N: Jenn N: Tom is off to America with little Sibby much to the family's and my sorrow.

Rebecca T: I can't resign myself to this at all. I hate that they're leaving. I was terrified through much of the episode that something was going to happen to Robert that would force Tom to stay. So as sad as I am that he's leaving, at least everyone made it through the episode in one piece.

Jenn N: And of course Mary met someone too. However did anyone else feel a little uneasy when he showed her his car collection? All I could picture was poor Matthew.

Rebecca T: That was exactly what I was thinking. The expression on Mary's face should not have been happiness. It should have been a touch of horror or at least sadness. I felt that scene really didn't make sense myself.

Jenn N: You'd think Princess Kuragin would've been a little more grateful to Violet for rescuing her. Although if my husband would rather I was still missing so he could romance someone else I guess I'd be pretty bitter too.

Rebecca T: Finding out the whole sordid past with Violet was quite interesting. And I understand where the Princess was coming from, but honestly.

Jenn N: Fortunately Violet still has her favorite frenemy as Isobel turned down Lord Merton's proposal after receiving a nasty letter from his son Larry.

Rebecca T: I love the friendship that's developed between Violet and Isobel. And Violet's comment was hilarious: "I will never again receive an immoral proposition from a man. Was I so wrong to savor it?" As for Isobel, it would be so uncomfortable if she were to marry Lord Merton. Isobel doesn't want to marry into misery. It's really too bad he has a jerkface for a son.

Jenn N: Moleseley was really smart to check out all those pubs with Baxter to find a witness to help Bates. Maybe now Moleseley will get the respect he deserves and hopefully get the girl too.

Rebecca T: I was so glad Mary showed Anna such solidarity. Quite the revelation about Anna and her stepfather. But having Anna and Bates together at Christmas was a true miracle. And I hope the Mr. Green thing is over.

Jenn N: I too am hoping that Anna and Bates can finally put the Mr Green debacle behind them. Hopefully their Christmas  miracle will last forever. And now we wait until 2016 for Season 6. I'm already suffering withdrawal!

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