Saturday, June 29, 2019

Camp Fear by Carol Ellis

Welcome to the fifth installment of Summer of Fear,  a weekly series of posts where I will review/revisit a classic YA Horror/Thriller from the 70s-90s.  This week I read Camp Fear by Carol Ellis originally published by Scholastic in 1993. It’s currently out of print but I hunted down a copy on eBay for under $5. 

This book opens with a classic horror movie premise; a tragic event years prior results in deadly consequences several years later. Rachael is the new girl and one of only two of the seven teenage counselors who didn’t attend Camp Silverlake as a camper in their youth. Rachael soon discovers that the other five are all harboring a secret about a tragic deadly incident seven years prior.  As each of them face their deepest fears, Rachael becomes more and more determined to figure out just what happened all those years ago and who is threatening them now. Despite the opening, this is more of a thriller than horror and Ellis does a fantastic job of setting the scene showcasing the beauties of camp, the camaraderie of the counselors but also the cloud a dread that shadows the camp. 

Definitely look for this little gem at your favorite used bookseller or eBay seller like I did.


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