Sunday, June 24, 2012

Truebie Sundays with Neubie

As much as I loved the second episode of True Blood, Season 5, last week it had little to do with the books.  However, over on, I discovered this gem of a video from Jessica Hamby's blog.  Take a few minutes to view it.

Did you watch it?  OK, good.   Ginger, the dim-witted human waitress at Fangtasia, is a minor character in Charlaine Harris' novel as as she is in the TV series.  It was nice to see a little more of her personality in this conversation with Jessica.  Also, Ginger suggests that Jessica shop at Tracey's Togs.  In Charlaine Harris' novels, Tara remains human and has been the owner-operator of the boutique Tara's Togs, over at a Bon Temp strip mall owned by Bill Compton.  So, it was nice to see a nod to this in Jessica's blog.  However, I wonder why Jessica didn't call Pam, the most fashionable vampire in all of Louisiana, if not the world! 

Last week's episode also featured another phone call opportunity.  Lafayette and Sookie were in way over the heads in dealing with the newly made vampire Tara.  It was totally true to Pam's character to abandon her progeny.  One of the reasons I love Pam so much is that there isn't a maternal bone in her body.  I can really relate to that.  Pam doesn't want to be bothered with "raising" Tara.  She did exactly what Sookie and Lafayette begged her to do, she saved Tara's life by turning her into a vampire.  So, Tara is of course out of control and running wild, destroying Gran's house while Sookie and Lafayette are clueless as to how to stop her.  They ultimately found a way to subdue her with chains and put her in the underground vampire sleeping chamber that Eric installed.  I couldn't understand why Lafayette and Sookie didn't call Jessica.  She lives across the field and would've been better equipped to talk a new vampire down as Jessica is a young vampire herself and she didn't ask to be made either.

Perhaps Jessica would've been too busy juggling the frat boys she invited over and her unexpected visitor Steve Newlin.  It became quite clear that Jessica is no longer a baby vampire as she effectively rebuffed his attempts to "buy" Jason from her and kicked him out of the house.

Meanwhile Jason was trying to make amends with Hoyt who recently moved back home with his overbearing mother.  I cracked up as Mrs. Fortenberry screamed at for hurting her boy while he was in earshot but then whispered to Jason how happy she was that he had broken up Hoyt and the red-haired "slut."  As I've mentioned before, Jessica isn't in the books and Hoyt eventually marries a scchool-teacher.  Jason remains loyal to his childhood pal throughout the books, they're more like brothers.

Elsewhere in Renard Parish, Sam and his shifter girlfriend got into a huge fight over how to deal with her meddling mother in law wanting to spend more time with her granddaughter.  Sam leaves in a huff and Luna still has way more to deal with than she bargained for her when she discovers that her daughter has shifted for the first time.  Whether she is a werewolf or a shifter remains to be seen but she was awfully cute in puppy form wearing PJs.  I don't think Luna found it that cute though, lol.

Sookie will soon have more to worry that renegade vampire Tara as the Pelt's are looking for their lost daughter, Debbie.  Jason and Andy discovered Debbie's abandoned car.  What Jason do if he discovers that his own sister is the one who killed Debbie?  In the books, very few people knew what Sookie did to Debbie and she never faced any legal consequences.  Being that there wouldn't be much of a show with Ms. Stackhouse in lock-up, I'm sure the show will follow a similar pattern.

Still I don't think any character is in as much trouble as Eric and Bill.  The former enemies have formed an uneasy alliance in dealing with their interrogation by the Authority.  The Authority, led by Roman, insists on vampires learning to live peacefully alongside humans by mainstreaming.  However the Authority's tactics are anything but peaceful.  They subjected Eric and Bill to infusions of silver, which is extremely painful to vampires, in an attempt to solicit information about what happened to Nan Flannagan and whether Bill and Eric are involved in the currently mysterious, "Sanguinista" movement.  Eric and Bill ultimately appeared before the Authority's board and learn that the majority of them have voted that they meet the "true death" for acts of treason.  Bill, was able to effectively save their fangs by offering to bring the recently un-earthered and lethal vampire Russell Edgington to them.  It will be very interesting to see Eric and Bill work together to find Russell.

One thing that disturbed me about the Authority's board is that there was a vampire child on the panel.  In the novels, a vampire child is a huge scandal.  In the novels, Eric's maker isn't Godric, it's
Appius Livius Ocella and he made a vampire child, Alexi Romanov.  Appius used his influence as maker to engage in sexual relations with Alexi. Yep, Eric's major is a creepy pedo.  Alexi is spoiled, impulsive and has crazy bloodlust.  It will interesting to see if this child member of the Authority will be modeled after Alexi.

What do you guys think?  How are you enjoying this season?  Is there anything you'd like to see?

Meet me in a booth at Merlotte's and we'll talk !  Until next week, Neubie the Truebie.

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