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The Superlative BEA Experience

Rebecca T, Jenn N, Naomi Ruth
with our best friend Mr. Javits :)
Jenn N, Rebecca T, and NaomiRuth had such a blast at BEA this week! We met a lot of people, stood in a lot of lines, and snagged some great books (and stay tuned because we'll be sharing some of those with all of you guys!). We wanted to share some of our favorite moments so we decided to do the

Hold onto your hats cause here we go! And check out the end of the post for some pics we managed to snag with authors! (and pardon all the exclamation points! We were are a bit excited about everything :) (and the links will take you to the author/publisher's blog/website)

Author Categories
Best Dressed:
Emily White (nominated by NaomiRuth) [She had the sparkliest butterfly hairclip and her earrings were feathery :D]
Tim Gunn (nominated by Jenn N) Would you expect anything less from the Project Runway mentor? He wore a beautiful tailored suit and the coolest caramel colored shoes.  They looked like alligator but I couldn't tell for sure.
Peter Brown (nominated by Rebecca T) This is mainly because of his hat. It was fantastic (and looked good on him too :)

Most Energetic:
Mac Barnett (nominated by NaomiRuth) [he was absolutely hilarious]
Mike Mullin (nominated by Jenn N) He was signing copies of his novel Ashen Winter. In order to get an autographed book, he made you punch a yellow breakaway board and "earn it."
Obert Skye (nominated by Rebecca T) He is so friendly and outgoing and meeting him 2 years ago made me a fan without ever having read a word of his books. This year was the same. He sincerely seems to enjoy meeting everybody.

Most Anticipated:
R.L. Stine (nominated by Jenn N) I'd been dying to meet him since I first read the "Fear Street" series.
Shannon Hale (nominated by Rebecca T) I have loved her books forever and Rachelyons just started reading them, which reminded me how much I adore her style!
Shannon Messenger (nominated by Naomi T) [Because I knew her, or felt like I did, because of bloggy stuff, and I was so excited for her and it was so coooool]

Nicest Surprise:
Michael Buckley (nominated by Rebecca T and NaomiRuth) [He wasn't on the list and we found him anyway because we love him that much. You can't hide Buckley from us!] We thought he was signing a book for a new series, but then they handed out the newest Sisters Grimm and NaomiRuth and I literally jumped up and down squealing in the middle of the booth.
Tim Gunn - (nominated by Jenn N)  I expected him to be nice but he was so friendly and talkative, he made you feel more like a friend than mere fan.

Publisher Categories
Most Organized:
Penguin (nominated by NaomiRuth) [Their lines were organized, their booth was easy to navigate, and their people knew what they were doing. It was wonderful.]
HarperCollins (nominated by Rebecca T) When they did their Harper Teen signing they managed the line very well and the people kept everything organized and moving smoothly. It was pretty impressive.

Friendliest Staff:
Shadow Mountain (nominated by NaomiRuth) [Shadow Mountain has always been super nice and easy to talk to and I would totes work for them if I could finagle my way in. *plots* *evil grin*]
Lerner Publishing Group (nominated by Rebecca T) We went to one of their signings and the line was rather long and a bit awkward to manage, but they kept everyone in place and even moved the entire line to a new location very nicely. They were very pleasant and when we stopped by their booth at the end of the day on Thursday when no one else was around they offered us cupcakes which were amazingly delicious!
Ellora's Cave (nominated by Jenn N) They had great swag and funny, sexy men.

Best Selection of Giveaways:
Disney-Hyperion (nominated by NaomiRuth) [We passed by them numerous times and got some really good giveaways, books, posters, pins, etc.]
Hachette/Little Brown (nominated by Jenn N) Their YA imprint Poppy does many of my favorite reads.
Penguin (nominated by Rebecca T) They had a schedule for their galley giveaways and gave away a nice sampling of different titles over the course of the three days.

Best Tote Bag:
The Hobbit! (nominated by Rebecca T) The original cover on a green sturdy bag. Enough said!
I loved this button and immediately
pinned it on my lanyard.
I go so many comments on it!
Quirk Books with the adorable stack of books tote (nominated by NaomiRuth)

Miscellany Categories
Most Frequent Question:
What is this line for? (nominated by all 3 of us) The consensus seemed to be - if a line is long it must be for something really good. Or, people were just trying to figure out where the end was so they could join it!
Where did you get that button!? (nominated by Rebecca T)

Longest Line for a Signing:
Tim Gunn (nominated by Jenn N) He was well worth the wait!
Harper Teen - including Veronica Roth, Aprilynne Pike, Elizabeth Norris, and Bethany Griffin (nominated by NaomiRuth) [But the wait wasn't bad - we met some super cool people]
Lemony Snicket (nominated by Rebecca T) It was so long I didn't even wait in it. It crushed me to walk away since I'm rather obsessed with his books, but there were too many other authors at that time!

Strangest Encounter:
Another blogger introduced herself and her plush cat to me.  She told me her plush cat was some kind of demon who had more twitter followers than she did.  (nominated by Jenn N)

While standing in line for Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit I commented to the woman in front of me in line that I was glad I wasn't the only one who was absurdly organized with spreadsheets and the like. We laughed about it and the way we had backups just in case we lost our hard copies. She noted my name badge and said she had just been on our blog and was the publicist that had recently e-mailed us about taking part in a blog tour! What a crazy, fun coincidence! It was so great to meet her in person! (nominated by Rebecca T)

Book We're Most Excited to Read:
Masque of the Red Death, by Bethany Griffin (nominated by NaomiRuth) [I would've picked In a Glass Grimmly by Adam Gidwitz, but I'm already half-way through it so, I'll pick the other one because the cover is so pretty! And it looks good! And the author was so nice! Exclamation point!]
Ted Dekker's new book Forbidden (nominated by Rebecca T) NaomiRuth pointed this one out to me and I gasped and clasped it close! I can't wait to read it!
The Diviners by Libba Bray (nominated by Jenn N) I love the craziness of the prohibition era when this novel takes place and the supernatural undercurrent of this novel sounds really fun and different. 

NaomiRuth and Jackson Pearce
Rebecca T and Jackson Pearce
(had to get it from the front of the table
to keep the line moving. This is not a particularly
flattering angle for me but LOOK! AN AUTHOR!
Rebecca T and Maggie Stiefvater
NaomiRuth and Maggie Stiefvater
NaomiRuth manages to make table front posing
look rather normal.
Jenn N and Tim Gunn
"Make it work"
 NaomiRuth and John Hirsch

Jenn N (in blue) and her friend Jen (in coral)
with the men from Ellora's cave
Jenn N and R.L. Stine

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