Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Laydown Lowdown

You Ask, what's new in YA?  You'll notice, the latest from Courtney Summers, "This is Not a Test," Something Like Normal," by Trish Doller, and "Blood Moon," by Alyxandra Harvey. 

Race over to Romance and find "A Place in the Country," by Elizabeth Adler, "Lothaire," by Kresley Cole (new in paperback), "Redemption," by Susannah Sandlin, and "Circle of Danger," by Carla Swafford.

Merge toward Mystery and you'll see the latest Janet Evanovich caper, "Wicked Business," along with "Bonefire of the Vanities," the 12th "Sarah Booth," novel by Carolyn Haines, and the 4th "Kate Burkholder" novel by Linda Castillo, "Gone Missing."

 Storm on over to Sci-Fi for Terry Pratchett's newest novel, "The Long Earth."  "Existence," by David Brin, "The Devil Delivered and Other Tales," by Steven Erikson,  and "A Kingdom Divided: Empire of the Moghul," by Alex Rutherford are also available today.

Finally, fly through the Fiction section and you'll spot "What Women Want" by Fanny Blake, "A Hologram for the King," by Dave Eggers, and "Monarch Beach," by Anita Hughes

Will any of today's new releases make it into your "to-read" pile?  Happy Reading and remember to support your local bookstores whenever possible. 


Unknown said...

I need to catch up on Alexander Harvey.

ANd Terry PRatchett! I wants to reads it.

Anonymous said...

I know "what women want"....

"a place in the country"


Anonymous said...

& I met Janet E.....
with the Laydown Lowdown Lady...
what a hoot!