Saturday, June 16, 2012

That's the Best Book I've Heard All Day

June is Audiobooks month.  To commemorate, we thought we'd share some of our favorite audiobooks with you.

I actually haven't listened to that many audiobooks.  However, I do remember one wonderful day when I discovered audiobook versions of Sweet Valley High books 2 and 3, "Secrets," and "playing with Fire."  I ran home and put them in my cassette player.  This audio version didn't feature any voice actors, instead they were narrated by a man who sounded distinctly like John Ingle who plays billionaire patriarch Edward Quartermaine on "General Hopsital."  It was oddly comforting to hear teen books read by someone who sounds so much like your beloved, cantankerous TV grandfather.  I tried to research these tapes to find out if John Ingle did the narration but unfortunately my search merited little results.

Meanwhile, Jess B, loved listening to "Trace," by Patricia Cornwell. "This book was amazing by itself," she says,  "...Carolyn McCormick who voices it just makes it.  Being a Mystery it is filled with ups and down...she just makes the story come alive!"

Jess P can't get enough of Jim Dale's work on the audio versions of the Harry Potter novels, "[he] is phenominal! Different voices for each character...I'm impressed he got them all straight!"

True to form Naomi has a great story that is best told in her own words, "Audio books are super difficult for me to listen to because I am not an auditory learner at all and can't focus without concrete things in my hand (not concrete as in concrete, but like, physical objects), but one day I was sick and Rebecca had the audio book for 'Ella Enchanted' by Gail Carson Levine. It was the first time I had even heard of the author. The girl who narrated it also did the voice for the young Miriam in The 'Prince of Egypt' (I'm pretty sure). I loved how she did all of the voices and it was just wonderful."

Meanwhile, Rebecca is a huge fan of audiobooks, they helped her commute fly by she had a hard time selecting a favorite.  However, "if I had to choose a favorite I would go with the' Series of Unfortunate Events.' Most of them are narrated by Tim Curry and he does all of the different voices and makes it absolutely hilarious. And the books he doesn't narrate are done by Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket himself. I love hearing the author read because you know you're getting exactly what they intended in all of the inflections."

So, what is the best book you've heard ?  Share with us, we're all ears !


Unknown said...

I'm behind schedule, as usual. I was going to say that I went through a two year period where I listened to a couple dozen audio books. My favorite was Michael Chricton's "Eaters of the Dead," but I cannot remember who the narrator was.

Two other audio books that I greatly enjoyed were by Steven King/Richard Bachman: "Thinner" narrated by Joe Mantegna, and "Bag of Bones" narrated by the author.

Another favorite was "Life Expectancy" by Dean Koontz. Again, the name of the narrator escapes me.

Unknown said...

It's alright, Alan, we'll forgive you... This time. *evil grin*