Thursday, July 5, 2012

Picture This! Suzy Lee (And Contest Winners)

Hello Down Unders! Today we will be looking at a picture book. I love picture books. It's how we introduce our children to the world of both books and art. It's a way to bond with kids. And honestly? They are totally for adults as well. I love when I read a good picture book that is engaging to both young readers not-as-young readers.

So, today I figured I'd start with one of my favorites picture book authors: Suzy Lee. Although, she is more of a picture book Illustrator, than author. The two books of hers that I have read are Shadow and Wave. Both were put out by Chronicle Books.

(On a sidenote: I just want to say I love Chronicle Books, they are one of the publishing companies I always keep an eye out for.)

I love these books because without using any words at all Suzy Lee is able to tell a story. A story that is intruiging, that draws the reader into a new world. And I just love the artwork. It's distinct, the pictures are vibrant. She chooses 3-4 colors to tell her story, which I find especially fascinating.

Shadows tells the story of a girl and her imagination. Waves is about a girl at the beach. Both are simple in their telling, but the impact of the artwork leaves a lasting impression.

I aboslutely love these books, and will buy her books whenever I see them.

AND... No, I did not forget. Today is the end of our RL Stine contest!

The winner of ZombieTown is:


YAY!!! *throws sparkles*

The winner of The Haunted Mask is:

Amy Lee Sanders

YAY!!! *throws some more sparkles*

Winners, please email me your addresses to and I'll get those books out to you either Friday or Saturday. Huzzah!

Have a good week my lovely Down Unders. Check back next week to meet someone who will be helping me with my reviews *wiggles eyebrows to keep you in suspense*

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