Sunday, July 22, 2012

Truebie Sundays with Neubie

The latest episode of True Blood was filled with terrific moments that made me LOL and a moment that totally disappointed me.  If you haven't seen last week's episode and don't want spoilers, than don't read this post until you have.

Eric, Sookie, Bill and Alcide found Russell with the help of Alcide's construction crew member.  Russell made an astounding recovery and lunged for Sookie.  She zapped him back with those microwave fingers of hers and the Authority's army swooped in to haul Russell in.  However, the Authority feared that Sookie and Alcide knew too much about their organization so Bill offered to glamour them into having no knowledge of what just happened.  Of course, we all know Sookie can't be glamoured but she played along and her heart nearly broke as Bill proclaimed that going forward it would be as if they never met and that she belonged with humans in the sun.   Meanwhile, in what was one of my favorite moments, Eric had the task of glamouring Alcide.

Now to all of those on "Team Eric," it is quite clear that once again Eric has manipulated someone to his advantage over his quest for Sookie's affections.  I'd like to hear how y'all can justify Eric's manipulations for her as love?  Apparently Eric isn't confident in himself if he has to glamour Alcide into disliking her.  

When Bill and Eric return to Authority Headquarters they are hailed as heroes and Russell's execution is ordered along with Nora's.  However, as Roman goes over Russell's indiscretions and prepares to stake him, Russell stuns everyone when he grabs hold of the stake and plunges it into Roman's chest.  However, Roman didn't immediately turn to vampire guts as  normal staking victims do.  His face warped as if it was melting as the episode cut to black.

We'll have to see if Roman really met the true death this week.  I would be really upset if he met the true death for many reasons.  Christopher Meloni was hyped to be a contract, full-time player this season.  To see him bow out after 4 episodes seems like false advertising to me.  Also, as this is HBO and True Blood, it is an utter crime if we never get to see Christopher Meloni naked; he has a great butt as Law & Order SVU fans would know.

Elsewhere in Bon Temps, Jason continues to struggle with Hadley's revelation that vampires killed his parents.  Jason goes to see Sookie after she returned from helping Bill and Eric to tell her what he learned from Hadley.  Sookie remembers her horrifying experience in fae land and believes she must rescue her cousin and her nephew.  They return to the field where the club is cloaked and Sookie can hear the music and festivities while Jason can not.  Seemingly this goes along with the books in that Sookie has more fae blood and influence than Jason.  Sookie is able to enter the portal and drag Jason in with her.  She finds Hadley and she introduces her to Claude and his siblings.  Sookie tries to explain to Hadley why she must leave with them but she refuses.  Hadley explains that she is safer there with Hunter than in the real world where vampires will feed on them.   Claude then explains that vampires killed Sookie's parents for a drop of her blood that was in the car.  Sookie can't believe it and this causes her to lash out in anger again with the microwave fingers.  Of course in fae land, almost everyone has microwave fingers and they fight back.  The aftermath remains to be seen this week.

Luna and Sam survived the shooting and her daughter ran to her grandmother where Luna reluctantly agreed to let her stay while she recovers.  Sam fought with Andy for the opportunity to allow him to help find the shifter killer.

Terry returned to Bon Temps convinced that the fire/smoke demon/ridiculous plot device will kill him and everyone he loves so he tells Arlene he has to leave her to spare their lives.  Arlene thinks he's gone off his meds which is funny because I think that is what happened to the writers who came up with the storyline and the people in charge of the smoke demon special effects.

On a side note, I was watching Gilmore Girls on SOAPNet just before writing this and I discovered that Lane's bandmate/husband Zach is now Terry Bellefluer on True Blood!  Seriously, dude I loved you so much more when you were playing for Hep Alien.  Tod Lowe is a talented actor so talented that I had no idea in my 500 viewings of Gilmore Girls that he was the same man playing Terry.  He really needs a better storyline than he is getting this season. 

What are your thoughts?  Share them with us because I'm not telepathic like Sookie.  Speak up and I'll see you at Merlotte's.  Order me some fried pickles, please.

Until next week, Neubie the Truebie.

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