Sunday, July 1, 2012

Truebie Sundays with Neubie

Episode 3 of Season 5 continues to derail from the series except for a few details.  Debbie's parents have come to Bon Temps to search for their wayward daughter.  In the books, they've also hired private detectives (Lily Bard and Jack Leeds from the author's Shakespeare mysteries).  It has yet to be seen if they will employ private eyes to interrogate Sookie about their daughter's whereabouts.  While Sookie is racked with guilt in the books and in the show over her decision to kill Debbie, no one knows about in the books other than Eric who was suffering from amnesia at the time.  Show Sookie has a harder time keeping the killing a secret as it was witnessed by Lafayette and who knows what Tara remembers.  In the novels, Sookie does eventually confess to Alcide what she did but it was about a year later not just a few days like on the show.  Alcide wasn't even that shocked in the books as he smelt Debbie's presence at Sookie's home despite her thorough cleaning efforts.

Meanwhile, Tara continued to run wild and has a seemingly insatiable bloodlust.  She ran into Sam who took her in and fed her bottle after bottle of TrueBlood and she kept demanding more.  She wants nothing to do with Sookie or cousin Lafayette.  Being that she became a vampire after losing a lot of brain matter, it is quite possible her mental state will be deficient or as Pam so bluntly put it, "f-cktarded."  There is a vampire in the books that has a diminished mental capacity.  Elvis, yes Elvis Pressley, is a vampire in the bookverse.  He was turned by a morgue worker but he was nearly brain dead at the time.  So, Bubba as he likes to be called is a little slow mentally and prefers the blood of cats.  While he has a sweet and seemingly dim-witted manner, he is ferocious when it comes to protecting those he cares for.  I know that I and a few fans that I've polled think that the new Tara may be loosely modeled after Bubba.

As I've said before, in the books Tara is the owner of clothing boutique Tara's Togs.   Last week on the show, Jessica visited Tracey's Togs clothing boutique.  As she tried on various dresses she became distracted by a man who smelt wonderful, like "cotton candy."  She ran out to meet him but he ran away from her.  She tried to chase him but just couldn't catch up.  He is obviously a supernatural creature.  Being that he smells amazing to vampires, I suspect Jessica's mystery man might be the faerie Claude, Claudine's brother.

Elsewhere in Bon Temps Eric and Bill continued to deal with the Authority.  There now fitted with devices that will stake them at any moment if the Authority believes they're traitors.  Pam still has no idea where Eric is and her heartache provided some intriguing flashbacks to their early relationship and how she was made.  Desperate Hoyt tried to find a new vampire love by donning more guyliner than Pete Wentz and waltzing into Fangtasia.  What would Ms. Fortenberry think?  Jason met up with an old teacher and they got re-acquainted with her the only way he knows how.  It will be very interesting to see where all these non-book plot points take us.

What do you guys think?  Where do you think this season is headed?  What would you like to see more of  and less of?

Come help me pick out some dresses at Tracey's Togs and let's chat !  Until next week, Neubie the Truebie.

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