Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who Will Take Home the Gold?

The Olympics are just a week away.  Team USA will be competing against the strongest and best in their respective sports for the honor of winning medals and making their country proud.  None of us booksellers are fierce athletes.  However, we do have a fierce and friendly competition brewing against each other.  Back in January, we shared our 2012 reading goals with you.  I checked in with everyone to see how we're fairing.  Perhaps, someone crafty will make some medals for us. 

Rebecca is certainly in contention to win Gold.  She has currently read 77 books out of her goal of 150. That places her at 51%, according to Good Reads, the site we use to track our reading progress.

Meanwhile Jess B. is right behind Rebecca on the quest for Gold.  She has read 68 books out of her personal goal of 150.

I seem set for Silver.  I've read 48 books out of my goal of 100.

Naomi is also in contention for Silver as she's read 54 books out of her 115 book goal.  Although her seemingly endless energy could propel her to the top. 

Finally Jess P. is working towards Bronze.  She's read 30 books towards her goal of 100.

Alan pledged at the beginning of the year to blog more and didn't have a set reading goal but he has read 16 books so far.

Combined, we've read 277 books so far! Let's go Team BWOBNY!  What about you guys, how are you doing on your reading goals?

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Unknown said...

I did a little more research into my goals this year (finally). So, yes. I did say that I intended to do more blogging this year.
Before January of this year, I had published 12 posts on my personal blog, Since the beginning of the year, I've published 35 new posts, and since June I am getting over 2,000 views per month.

So I guess I'm doing okay on that goal.