Sunday, July 15, 2012

Truebie Sundays with Neubie

If you know me, you know I'm no fan of Alcide or weres in general.  Any man who can justify being with someone like Debbie Pelt isn't someone worth my time.  Needless to say, I laughed my butt off when a drunken Sookie threw up on his boots last week just when they were about to get busy.  The moment got even more awkward for Sook when Bill and Eric showed up to rook her into helping them track down Russell.  Surprisingly, Sookie didn't need much convincing.  She helped by using her gift to unlock the mind of a member of Alcide's contracting crew who unknowingly had some knowledge of who/what may have unearthed Russell.  The group discovered Russell and humans who seemed strung up like human cattle for Russell in the midst of an abandoned asylum.  A horror cliche, yes, but still downright creepy and gross.  Just when the gang needed all the manpower they had, Alcide shifted to were form and ran off.  Do you understand why I hate weres? In addition to their poor character assessment skills, they bail just when you need them the most.

Meanwhile, Pam gave Tara a bartender job at Fangtasia.  Someone should've told Pam that Tara was the one who told Sookie how to make the awful Amaretto, Apricot Schnapps, and Grenadine combo.  Pam soon questions her choice and not just because Tara has poor drink mixing skills.  Tara tries to feed off a human in full public view.  Before you could blink, Pam swooped in, held Tara by the throat and gave her a stern talking too that was terrifying yet sexy in a way that only Pam get away with.  Jessica later showed up and tried to counsel Tara on being a new vampire.  Only Tara could think that being Pam's progeny is a bad thing.  She never seems to appreciate the good things in her life, I don't understand Tara at all.

Back to a plot lifted from the books, Sam is concerned that his friends may have been killed simply because they're shifters.  He goes to visit his ex-girlfriend Luna who has her hands full daughter who has just come into her shifting powers. However, just after warning her, he is shot in the leg and Luna is shot several times on her own lawn by a group of mask wearing hicks in a pick-up.  Luna's daughter, the cutest little pup ever runs to get help.  Sam has terrible luck with his girlfriends, I really hope Luna is all right but I don't even know if a shifter could survive wounds like the ones she seemed to sustain.

Then in a plot so far removed from the books that it's a complete, WTF, Terry and his war buddy finally made it to the home of their other former soldier.  Apparently their squadron killed some innocents during the war and one of the innocent women who was barely alive, used her last breath to summon some kind of fire demon that has been tormenting them.  The demon came out in this giant, ridiculous smoke cloud and killed Terry and his war buddy's friend.

In the book, "Dead as a Doornail," Sookie's house is set on fire by supernatural forces.  I hope the house somehow doesn't get in the way of this fire demon because Gran's house has endured enough damage already throughout the seasons.

Well, we've got about a half hour until this week's new episode begins.  What do you guys think of this season?  Anything you'd like to see less of? More of?

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