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Truebie Sundays with Neubie

Last week's episode of "True Blood," was amazing, wasn't it?  After a few weeks of total deviation from the novels, the final two minutes of the episode got back on track with a really awesome surprise.  For those of you who haven't seen the episode and don't want spoilers, read no further.  A complete breakdown of the episode follows below the video clip.

My favorite part of last week's episode was the final two minutes.  Jason and Andy had been invited to a mysterious party as a guest of the shifty Judge to thank Andy for his role in washing away the Judge's son's traffic ticket.  The Judge picked up Andy and Jason in a plush limo full of beautiful girls who promptly covered the men's heads with bags.  This wasn't some kinky sex thing, the ladies covered the gentlemen's heads so they didn't realize they were entering the faerie world.  When the bags were removed, Jason and Andy found themselves in the middle of a fantastic club full of burlesque dancers, aerialists, and glamorous people.  The Judge had clearly been here before and ran off in the crowd.  The fae that Andy met last season found him and pulled him away for a rendezvous. Jason was chatting with a flirty girl when he became distracted by someone he recognized, his cousin Hadley! 

We briefly saw Hadley in Season 2 as part of Queen Sophie-Ann's entourage and she hasn't seen again until last week.  I actually thought Alan Ball forgot about her!  In the novels, Sookie hasn't seen her cousin since they were teens when Hadley got mixed up in drugs and ran away from home.  In the novels, Hadley became Sophie Ann's lover and her progeny.  She was killed by a rival for the Queen's affections and Sookie was left to clear out Hadley's apartment.  In the novels Hadley also had a son and was married before she was turned.  Her four-year old son Hunter also has the ability of telepathy and Sookie occasionally baby-sits him and helps him with his telepathy.

However, on the show, Hadley appeared be human and embracing her faerie roots.  She actually thought Jason had found her and chosen to join them.  Clueless Jason was very confused as Hadley went on to talk about the dangers of vampires, certain faeries and how his parents may not have drowned as a result of car accident after all.  Hadley then realized she said too much and tried to run.  When Jason chased after it, he caused a huge scene in the club and Andy and Jason were kicked out and were dazed when they were thrown into an open field.  In the books, Sookie and Jason's parents were killed in a car accident that was caused by some evil faeries.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out on TV and whether we'll get to see Hadley again or Hunter at all.

We still haven't discovered yet if Jessica's mystery man is Claude.  In the novels, Claude owns a strip-club and I suspect the club that Jason and Andy went to last week is the show's version of this club.

Another element in the final moments that may be lifted from the books was the apparent murder of Sam's shifter friends.  One of the major plot points of "Dead as a Doornail," is a sniper who seemingly only targets shifters.  When Sam went to meet his friends, he made made the awful discovery of finding them with gunshot wounds to the head.

A lot happened in the final minutes, the child in The Authority was revealed to be the traitor to the Sanguinista movement and was executed by Roman.  I can't say I was sorry to see that whiny child vamp go.

Meanwhile, Eric and Bill finally leave The Authority's lair and begin their hunt for Russel Edgington.  Eric interrogated Pam and learned that she turned Tara.   After grilling Pam, Eric realized that she honestly doesn't know anything Russel's whereabouts and she offered to help him in his search.  Eric refused her help fearing she'd be killed in the search.  In order to further protect he officially released her and she is no longer bound to him as her maker.  I know a lot of fans on Twitter are upset by this.  In the novels however, Pam was released by Eric decades ago yet they work together and they'd do anything to help each other.  Just because he released her doesn't mean he cast her out to fend for herself or that he wants nothing to do with her.  Releasing her is totally different from the were's concept of abjuring someone and vanquishing them from the pack.  Basically it's like Pam was once contractually obligated to obey Eric's commands and now she longer is.  It's not a big deal.  I agree, it was sad like a break-up but it's not like they'll never see each other again.  Let's not panic people!

While Eric and Pam were hashing this out, Bill counseled Tara as to how he coped when he was first turned.  A friend told me she suspected that Bill and Tara will hook up later in the season.  I told her if they did, I'd stake myself!  I can't see that pairing at all; it'd be a huge betrayal to Sookie.  As angry as the both of them are at her, I can't see them hurting her like that.  Bill's a honorable man and as annoying as Tara is, she has proven herself to be a loyal friend.

Earlier in the episode Jessica overheard Sookie trying to confess to Jason that she killed Debbie.  Jessica took it upon herself to glamour Andy into considering the case closed. Alcide also diverted suspicion off Sookie as he told the Pelt's that Marcus has killed Debbie.  Sookie is still racked with guilt and as a result she is having a hard time blocking out all the voices she hears while working.  To cope, she headed home and cleared out the liquor cabinet and it became quite obvious why Sookie isn't a bartender at Merlotte's.  She was drinking a concoction of amaretto and grenadine and some other sweet liqour that I can't recall.  When Alcide came by to inform Sookie of the story he told the Pelt's, she was quite plastered.  Alcide must've realized Sookie is the worst bartender ever because he poured his own drink. However after several, he agreed to drink that mess of Sookie's and they ended up making out and of course that was the exact moment that Bill stopped by her house to check on her!

Finally, I am still quite confused as to what is going on with Terry and his war buddy.  They left town together to go find another soldier from their unit who seemingly shot some innocent bystanders during the war.  Is it just me or is this story-arc really out of place with the rest of the show?  If any one could shed some light on this, that'd be great because I'm really lost.  I like book Terry a lot better.

I can not wait for the new episode this week, just about six hours here to go on the East Coast !  What are you all enjoying  this season or disliking this season?

I'm going to go try swinging with those faerie aerialists, that looks like so much fun!  See ya' next week.

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