Sunday, July 29, 2012

Truebie Sundays with Neubie

I don't know about you guys but I thought last week's episode was a little over the top.  If you haven't seen this past weeks episode, I don't know what you're waiting for but if you don't want spoilers than read no further.

Sookie learned, from her fae cousins, that her powers and finite; her microwave fingers could one day be diffused and she'd be 100% human.  Hadley begged her to stay in the land of the fae but she refused and returned to Bon Temps with Jason.

Meanwhile, we learned that Roman did indeed meet the true death and it was revealed that Salome was the one who unearthed Russell.  Nora was her accomplise and the two believed that they were fulfilling Lilith demands the prophecies in their vampyr bible by drinking the blood of Lilith.  They forced the surviving members of the Authority to drink with them.  Bill was reluctant but went along without protest after an Authority member who spoke out was beheaded.  So, they all drink the blood and wouldn't you know it, it doesn't end well. The group goes wild on the streets of New Orleans as if they're high on drugs.  They end up at wedding rehearsal dinner where they feed on and kill all the humans presents.  They're all startled when a naked female figure, presumably the infamous Lilith, emerges from a puddle of blood and begins screaming. 

As if that wasn't enough gore, Lafayette went to visit Jesus' father to try and rid himself of this frightening visions and brujo powers.  I don't know how he expected that visit to go well but I wasn't surprised when Jesus' father tied him up, sewed Lafayette's lips shut and tried to sacrifice him in some bizarre ritual.  Fortunately for Lafayette, Jesus' father's perpetually pregnant lady friend saved the day by killing Jesus' father and seemingly freeing Lafayette.

Back in Shreveport, Tara is heartbroken when her mother visits her at Fangtasia and says she is cutting her out of her life and she is no longer her daughter.  Pam shows a moment of compassion and hugs Tara before ordering her back to pole dancing.  Tara is a much better dancer than bartender.  I'll forgive Alan Ball for not allowing us to see Roma naked if he'd let us see Pam dance.  I doubt that is going to happen though.

Over on the were/shifter front, Sam tries to warn Luna's ex mother in law that her were pack is drinking vampire blood.  She doesn't believe him until she sees their leader trying to get her granddaughter to drink the blood.  She pulls her out of there and presumably leaves the group.   Meanwhile Alcide works hard and trying to assert his power over the pack and rise up as pack master.  His second may soon see first hand just how hard he'll work ;)

Back in Bon Temps, Holly consoles Arlene over Terry's departure by trying to convince her that Terry may be telling the truth.  Terry and his war buddy encounter the smoke demon in the woods and Hoyt has foolishly decided to join the supernatural hate group.  His mother may hate vamps and supes but I doubt she'd support Hoyt joining a hate group.

Other than the continuation of the shifter storyline, this episode had little to do with the novels.   The main arc of this season, the Lilith storyline is never in the books.  Too me, it's way over the top both and the whole bloodbath and the wedding rehearsal seemed gratuitously violent to me.  Also, Lafayette is long dead in the books so this whole brujo storyline never occurs and I find it rather distracting and ludicrous.  Everytime his face turns blue and he grows those horns, I just roll my eyes.  However, it's not as ludicrous as the smoke demon.  I really wish Terry was dealt a better storyline. How about a storyline that actually showed him dealing with his PTSD from the war?  I bet that is scarier and more realistic than any smoke demon.  Also everytime that someone talks about Lilith or the vampyr, I just laugh my butt off because I picture Andrew, the nerd from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and his pals saying vampyr over and over again when they were trying to be cool.

What do you all think?  Post your comments below, or hit us up on twitter @borderlessbooks.  See ya' a Fangtasia.

Until next week, Neubie the Truebie

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