Sunday, September 2, 2012

Truebie Sundays with Neubie

I'm having really bad True Blood withdraw.  I don't know what I'll do with myself tonight at 9PM.  Especially because I'm still reeling from the craziness of last week's Season Finale.

Let's start with the storyline that I loathed, Mari showed up at Merlotte's and told Andy that she was expecting half-fae offspring with him.  They argued over his responsibilities and she suddenly went in to labor.  Holly apparently had experience as a mid-wife and knowledgeably but awkwardly stepped in to help her boyfriend and his mistress.  Andy soon got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than he bargained for when Mari delivered not one, not two, but FOUR fae babies.  This is way worse than any visit to the Maury Povich show could ever be for a potential baby daddy.  Apparently faeries also recover extremely quickly because Mari abruptly got up and told Andy she was returning to Faery and he is to raise the children until their of age-whatever the heck that means.  He was obviously freaked but also seemingly oddly excited about these kids as Mari ran off.  Holly then told Andy where to go and it wasn't the land of Fae.  It's no secret that I find faeries to be really obnoxious, manipulative little liars.  I'd run off to Alaska with Hoyt and throw those babies back up the fae portal if I was Andy.

Meanwhile, Eric, Nora, Jason, Sookie and Tara worked on their master plan to invade The Authority compound and rescue Bill.  Eric and Nora made it appear that they were returning the compound with Sookie, Jason, and Tara as food.  Once they cleared security, they annialated security and Eric and Nora quickly shut down the security system.  Then after the system was shut down, Pam and Jess' cells were inactive.  Jess asked Sookie to open her door so as not to burn herself on the silver.  Tara however, grabbed Pam's door and then Pam and planted a kiss so hot on her that I'm surprised there wasn't smoke.  It's also no secret that I have a little girl crush on Pam.  I wasn't surprised to see the two ladies get together but let's not forget how quickly Tara dumped that seemingly sweet and really hot girl she was dating back in New Orleans.  Pam looks tough but she has big heart and if Tara foolishly breaks it, I will go right back to hating that annoying twit!  The happy foursome then met up with Eric and Nora and prepared to leave the compound.  However, Eric and Sookie surprised them with their desire to stay behind and rescue Bill.

Bill was back in the area of the Compound where Lilith's blood was shrined.  Bill told Salome that Lilith came to him in a vision and said that Salome was the chosen one and that he couldn't wait to follow her.  Salome was delighted and promptly downed the whole vial of Lilith's blood.  She got sick instantly and Bill told her that he filled the vial with a cocktail of blood and liquid silver.  I began to think that Bill had been planning to poison the blood of Lilith all along and any alliance he had with the Sanguinistas was just for show.  This happy feeling only lasted a few seconds as Bill continued to tell Salome that he was the Chosen One and he had Lilith's blood in a vial in his pocket as he finished Salome off.

Elsewhere in the Compound, and prior to the invasion, Luna skinwalked as Steve Newlin and successfully found Emma.   Sam shifted into fly again and stayed close.  They were just about to exit the Compound as Steve explained he wanted to walk his pet when Rosalyn showed up and said Steve had to go on the air right now for spin control as video had been leaked which showed Russell and Steve feeding off an entire frat.  Luna struggled to read the TelePrompter and maintain her shift into Steve.  She could no longer hold onto the shift and morphed back into herself on air used the air time to tell anyone listening that she was held captive in The Authority with her daughter.  Rosalyn of course tried to stop her but Sam, as a fly, flew into Rosalyn's mouth and killed her in the most bizarre kill of the series to date.  Luna, sickened by the aftereffects of skinwalker, fell to the ground and told Sam she thought she was dying.  She has said this before so I am not that concerned.

Eric and Sookie finally find Bill and Sookie pleads with Bill to stop his craziness and come with them and return to being the great vampire he was.  He says a whole bunch of hateful things to her including the fact that he never loved her and was just manipulating her all this time.  Even Eric pleads with him but they are unsuccessful and Bill downs the whole bottle.  A panicked look swiftly cross his face before he explodes into a giant puddle of goo as if he had just been staked.  Needless to say Sookie started sobbing.  I was beyond confused and then we all got a LOT more confused when the goo puddle started bubbling Bill covered in blood and NAKED emerged from the goo blood with his fangs bared.  Eric told Sookie to run and the show FADED TO BLACK until next summer.  Agggg!!  WTF just happened?  Is Bill some weird vampire god now?  Is he what many fans are referring to as Billith?  Nothing like this ever happened in the books.  I think I would've preferred if Bill was more nerdy like he is in the books and spent his nights working on a vampire database on his computer.  I loved my southern gentlemen and his mild sexual kinky fun side.  I would elaborate but my family reads this blog!  And now I have to wait 9 months to find out what the heck is going on.

Also, we never saw what happened to Luna, Emma, and Sam after Rosalyn was killed.  They are presumably still in the compound.  Pam knows Sam is there because they crossed each other in the halls during their time in captivity.  What will happen if this new version of Bill crosses their path before they escape?

HBO released a bonus scene that didn't air during the finale.  It seems we will get to know more about the mysterious Warlow next season.  The video shown here also includes a shot of HBO's interactive features that are available on HBO GO.  Jason has been seeing visions of his parents ever since he hit his head during the scuffle with Russell and the faeries and they appear in this scene too.

A lot of people seem to think Warlow is a vampire, I am positive he is not. Vampires can't appear like poltergeists the way Warlow appeared to Sookie in her bedroom.  Faeries can and they have many magical powers that can be used for good or evil.

What do you guys think?  Please share your thoughts, we have a lot of time to fill between now and next summer when Neubie the Truebie returns!  Until then, I'm going to go get drunk with Jane Bodehouse.

I might pop up in the meantime with a surprise video of Rachel doing her Luna impression if I can get her to do it-it's awesome.

Fans of ABC's "Once Upon a Time," will be delighted  to know that Rebecca T. will provide episode recaps and her insights every Sunday once the season begins this September. 


ceegee said...

I too am having TB withdrawal tonight... Would love to know who and or what Bill is and if he will ever redeem himself.. meanwhile I am happy being Team ERIC's #1 FAN!! He is the hero of THIS season.. lol Started watching American Horror story hoping to fill the void, but, it is much to violent for me.. any suggestions let me know!!!

Jenn N. said...

Did you ever watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? It was a great show and not very violent. I keep falling in love with vampires named William as my favorite vampire on the show was Spike aka William the Bloody.