Friday, September 21, 2012

The Longest Way Home

Almost everyone is familiar with actor Andrew McCarthy who rose to fame in the 80's film hits, "Pretty In Pink," "Weekend at Bernie's," and "St. Elmo's Fire," to name a few.  However, few people may have heard of Andrew's second career, travel writer.  When Andrew isn't acting or directing, he travels the world and writes about his travels for publications such as "National Geographic Traveler."  "The Longest Way Home," is Andrew's heartfelt memoir which focuses not on his acting career but how his love of travel helped him overcome his apprehension of settling down and marrying his fiancee without sacrificing his fiercely independent spirit.

I loved this book.  I was fortunate to receive an advance copy from the publisher, Free Press (a division of Simon & Schuster).  I couldn't put it down and I read certain passages several times to truly savor the book.  Andrew is a phenomenal storyteller.  His descriptions of his travels to places like Patagonia, the Amazon, and Mt. Kilimanjaro are vivid and make it easy to visualize these foreign sites in clear detail.  I also related to Andrew's relationship struggles.  All relationships require compromise and commitment but how do you compromise and commit without losing yourself?  Andrew did an excellent job of describing his emotions and thoughts as he tried to sort this out for himself.  Andrew may be a successful actor and a world-traveler but I, a 31 year old paralegal/book blogger was able to relate very well and I think most readers will relate to him easily as well.  This was a terrific book and I can't wait to read through Andrew's previous travel writings as linked on his website.  I recommend everyone travel to their local bookstore today and pick up a copy!

I also participated in a webchat recently with Andrew and some other bloggers from around the world.  Andrew read from his book and we were able to ask him questions via the web chat.  I asked him what places he would like to visit that he hasn't the opportunity to visit yet.  He replied Burma and the Atacama Desert and added that he really loves deserts. I then inquired as to what advise he'd give someone like me who was on a tight budget but was anxious to see the world.  He said world traveler is cheaper than you think, that it can be done with little money if you're determined and you should just go.

So today, I set off, not to any foreign city but to Ridgewood, NJ to meet Andrew McCarthy at his signing at Bookends.  Bookends is great little bookstore with lots of events.  I was lucky enough to not only get a signed copy for myself but to get one autographed copy to raffle off right here on the blog!  Please comment below and tell us where in the World would you like to visit, then follow through the Rafflecopter prompts.  Now, off to the Rafflecopter we go.  Raffle is open to US residents only.

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Andrew McCarthy and I

Note, I received no financial compensation for this review, webchat, author visit etc.  I simply love to promote great books and meet adorable, talented writer/actors.

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